Occupying Chinatown Book




“Paul Wong’s Occupying Chinatown is deeply moving and subtly shocking. The life of Paul’s mother Suk-Fong is a kind of pilgrim’s progress of one young Chinese woman through a 20th century journey of deep despair and strange fulfillment. Her story focuses the life of a Chinatown, of alienation, of exclusion – all told in the context of one family’s struggle to communicate and make its bonds mean something, I am so glad that this book commemorates an exhibition which laid bare the eternal bonds of family, the personal cost of alienation and the salvation of identity.”

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson


Occupying Chinatown finalist for 2022 City of Vancouver Award

The Occupying Chinatown (OC) book was a finalist for the 2022 City of Vancouver Book Award. The OC Book was one of five books in the running to win a $3,000 prize funded by Publishing Reserve, which was established in 1977 as a permanent legacy for Vancouver writers and publishers.

The annual City of Vancouver Book Award has been recognizing authors of excellence of any genre since 1989. These authors contribute to the appreciation and understanding of Vancouver‘s diversity, history, unique character, or the achievements of its residents. Award was presented as part of the 2022 Vancouver Writers Fest.




Occupying Chinatown
Special Collectors Box

Occupying Chinatown Special Collectors Box
Handmade box with magnetic closer
Signed limited edition of 8, each set is unique, one remaining

Inquires: admin@onmaingallery.ca

1. Box. 29.21cm x 35.56cm x 2.54cm
2. Occupying Chinatown Book
3. Love Letters Folio:
    3a. Love Letters Story. 41.91cm x 36.2cm
    3b/c. Two original watercolour paintings by Soo Ying Tse. 38cm x 29cm 
   3d. One original letter mailed to Soo Ying Tse
4. Red Envelope:
    4b. USB Flash card (4gb) with three video works:
    Ordinary Shadows, Chinese Shade (1988) 90min w/ sound
    Motherʼs Cupboard (2020) 13min w/ sound
    Chinese Only Bumpers (2019) 1min
5. Two bookmarks