Pride in Chinatown MMXX

Pride in Chinatown MMXX was not only a bold gesture claiming Chinatown as a safe space for LGBTQ2+ people and allies, but was rebuttal against the recent acts of racist aggression and discrimination that included the wave of anti-Asian graffiti amplified by COVID-19.

Fold Unfold | Kira Wu 

Working through these beliefs, Kira Wu explores questions surrounding her diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. Why did I get cancer? What caused it? Why am I so unlucky, so unfortunate? In these photographs, Wu brings us in the state of unknowing, of asking questions with no answers.


Disfiguring Identity

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru episode Surrey Art Gallery,  On Main Gallery,  and Kwantlen Polytechnic University‚Äôs Fine Arts Department collaborated to present a two-day symposium Disfiguring Identity: Art, Migration and Exile.

Thru the Trapdoor

Thru The Trapdoor facilitated new imaginings that allowed both artists and the public to believe that anything was possible (if only for a brief moment). Together the participants created interdisciplinary, multi-sensory artworks that engaged viewers in both familiar and unexpected ways. Around every corner and down each hallway, re-configured rooms were filled with obvious and not so obvious interventions.

On Edge TV

A chronicle of 22 years of cutting edge contemporary art programming. On Edge’s mandate was to produce, present, promote art marginalized by its political, social or artistic form or content, in popular forms of media arts, multiples, publishing, videotapes, recording, live events, exhibitions, visiting artists.